SCC Provision of Services

This document is in response to the information required to be disclosed by the Provision of Services Regulations2009.

Licensing Body

SCC Chartered Accountants Limited (“SCC”) is a member of Chartered Accountants Ireland.

Rules Governing Actions

All chartered accountants are bound by the rules of their professional body. The rules of the professional body thatlicences SCC’s chartered accountants can be found at: https://www.charteredaccountants.ie/about-us/our-governance/charter-bye-laws-regulations-and-code-of-ethics


A copy of the Code of Ethics, to which all chartered accountants are required to comply with, can be found at:https://www.charteredaccountants.ie/docs/default-source/technical-documents/ethics/code-of-ethics—december-2020.pdf?sfvrsn=e828ae7c_2


At SCC, we always strive to provide a professional and efficient service however we recognise that disputes may arise from time to time. As such, should you have any commentsor complaints in relation to any case then in the first instance, you should contact the person handling such case directly.

If you consider that we have not dealt with your comments or complaint appropriately you should then put details ofyour concerns in writing to our complaints officer [name and address] . This will then formally invoke our complaints procedure and we will endeavour to deal with your complaint underthe supervision of a director unconnected with the case.

Most disputes can be resolved amicably either through the provision of further information or following negotiations.However, in the event that you have exhausted our complaints procedure and you are not satisfied that your complainthas been resolved or dealt with appropriately, you may take up the matter with Chartered Accountants Ireland and initiatea formal complaint process with them.

SCC is committed to resolving complaints raised through Chartered Accountants Ireland and will fullycomply with any review process undertaken in order to reach a conclusion in a prompt and efficient manner.Further information in connection with the Chartered Accountants Ireland complaints procedure can be found at:https://www.charteredaccountants.ie/Professional-Standards/Complaints-and-discipline

Professional Indemnity Insurance

SCC’s Professional Indemnity insurers are Arch Capital Group Limited of 5th Floor, 60 Great Tower Street, London, EC3R 5AZ. This professional indemnity insurance provides worldwide coverage,excluding professional business carried out from an office in the United States of America or Canada, and any actionfor a claim bought in any court in the United States of America or Canada.


SCC is registered for VAT under registration no. 284 7973 42.

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