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We are leading providers of forensic accounting services across the UK and Ireland, with over 25 years of experience and 1000's of cases.
Our specialist forensic team is highly skilled and qualified to structure each case with a view to a successful outcome.

Whilst every forensic accounting case is unique, our core offerings are based on the following:

- Personal injury and fatality

The most common types of personal injury claims arise from road traffic accidents, workplace accidents, assault claims, and accidents at home. We have experience of acting on instructions from either claimant's or defendant's solicitors together with insurance companies directly, with regular calculations being on the loss of earnings and loss of dependency.

- Matrimonial

Our divorce and matrimonial team has acted for some of the top and highest profile divorces in the UK and our expertise includes the following:

  • Assessment of real earnings
  • Valuation of businesses
  • Assistance with 'Form E' investigations
  • Evaluation of financial standing
  • Release of capital
  • Duxbury calculations
  • Review and critique of the other experts’ reports
  • Assist in drafting questions relating to joint expert reports
  • Investigate and advise on complex financial matters
  • Advice and opinion about the impact of pension splitting
  • Assisting the 'non-financial' spouse to gain an understanding of the corporate structure and its value
  • Assistance with identifying tax issues arising from a proposed settlement or recommending alternatives to minimise the impact of taxation
  • Evidencing and valuation of cryptocurrency transactions
- Fraud & Crime investigation

Our fraud team can help with fraud investigations, involving a variety of steps designed to protect the business, minimize disruptions and preserve evidence. Our fraud investigations deploy expert resources to find perpetrators, uncover fraud and bring closure through legal channels or restitution.

- Business Dispute Resolution

Business Dispute Resolution and Litigation are seldom simple and often involve highly complex issues.

We resolve stakeholder and/or management disputes quickly and cost-effectively, acting in the best interest of the relationships involved and with business well-being in mind.

Our expertise includes the following areas:

  • Valuation of businesses, companies, trusts and partnerships
  • Merger and Acquisition disputes
  • Breach of Contract and warranty disputes
  • Review of completion accounts
  • Shareholder disputes including prejudice of minority shareholders
  • Costs of relocation
  • Professional negligence claims
  • Insolvency Investigations
- Forensic M&A Services and Due Diligence

Our Forensic M&A Services team offers a range of specialist services at all stages of a transaction. Our pre-transaction team has a wealth of experience in understanding and interpreting SPA’s, both to maximise the client’s position in relation to transaction value and to reduce risk exposure. Our post-transaction team has a wide range of experience at all stages following a transaction. We are often appointed to provide pre-action advice on aspects of liability and quantum in respect of breach of warranty claims, completion account disputes or warranty & Indemnity insurance claims. Where matters do progress to litigation our experts can act as expert witnesses.

Our experts are regularly appointed as independent experts to resolve complex transaction disputes across a wide range of sectors and countries through a final and binding formal process. Our experience in the process of expert determinations enables us to be appointed as party expert advisers where we can assist with submissions made to the independent expert and are able to more formally advocate our clients’ best interests.

- Business Valuation

An organisation may need to be valued for different reasons e.g. the owner of the organisation would like to sell; a shareholder wishes to exit the business; there are tax reasons; or for the purposes of shareholder dispute and matrimonial proceedings. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with valuation issues and identifying the appropriate methodology.

For more information regarding our Forensics & Investigations services please email Kathy Daly at kathy.daly@scc-ca.com or contact the office on 028 8775 5880


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